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About the Glory Days Planner

The Glory Days Daily Planner

The Glory Days Daily Planner was designed to meet the unique needs of a parent or caregiver raising a child who is differently abled. This planner was created by a mom living the everyday life of a special needs parent. Each page was thoughtfully designed with you in mind.

Our daily pages are full of the good stuff paired with a simplistic design to keep mental clutter at bay. They include daily quick glance boxes for appointments, therapy, self-care, and meal planning.

These pages also provide an hourly breakdown of your day, a notes section and daily encouragement from moms on this #specialneeds parenting journey.

It’s small enough for your diaper bag, large handbag or backpack but still, pack with all you need to stay organized! The best part! A portion of our profits will be donated to the @thedsdn!

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