A daily planner and more uniquely designed for parents and caregivers caring for those with medical, developmental needs and more.

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This planner is such amazing quality and keeps me so organized! We have so much therapy/appointments/etc I need to keep track of and this is the only way I can! I love it & cant wait for the next one to come out! A definite must have for special needs parenting.

Kim Lukan

Love this planner!It comes undated so highly customizable, it has all the tools you need to plan and organize all the therapy, appointments and daily life as a special need parent.The daily self care prompt and motivational quotes remind you that to take care of others you also need to take care of yourself.

Rossella Aroni

This is one of the best planners I've used! For me the two best aspects are the therapy pages, and the time break down daily. As a momma to a kiddo with special needs this is a planner I've been wanting for 6 years!!! Also really like the 6 month style to keep it more manageable.

Nicole Berg

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