The Glory Days Story

If you're feeling lost in the blur of the news your child has a special needs diagnosis 

If you think you're ill-equipped for the title of special needs mom and you don’t know how you will have joy, hope, and vision for your families future— 

Sister, you're in the right place.

Welcome to the Glory Days story.

Our story really…

I’m Amanda, mom of three, wife to Evan. My daughter, Aurora, was born with an unexpected diagnosis of Down Syndrome, in 2017. I never saw it coming. In those early months, the confusion and feelings of deep loss were real. I felt all my work to have the “perfect” family was in vain and the good life was surely over. I spent my first few weeks as a new mother, to a sweet baby girl, buried in internet searches, looking for something, anything, I could do to help her. 

But, without a good foundation, all the studies in the world, won’t help you care for that little one. That solid foundation is your love and a supportive community. 

I’m so happy you found us. We are here to help you navigate this journey. We aim to connect you with others on the same path while equipping you with tools that will leave you feeling organized for the task at hand.  The dust will settle and the vision for your families life will be restored, you will have more joy and hope than you can fathom. You're made for the job, momma. Breathe and know the good life isn’t over, these are the Glory Days. 

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