Foundation Information page

The Glory Days Foundation, established in West Virginia in 2019, is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources to parents
and caregivers of children with disabilities. Specifically, The Glory Days Foundation works to place scheduling tools such as planners and journals into the hands of special needs parents and caregivers.

Wholesale purchasers of The Glory Days Co. products are directly impacting success for The Glory Days Foundation, whose viability relies on sustained financial support. This support extends beyond The Glory Days Foundation, The Glory Days Co., and Amanda and her daughter Rory.

The Glory Days Foundation partners with WorkAble Industries, Inc., an organization that has been providing jobs for people with disabilities in Harrison County, West Virginia since 1969. WorkAble is a unique operation that has withstood the test of time, offering quality, affordable products and services while employing and supporting individuals with disabilities. WorkAble Industries benefits a wholesaler by providing an affordable product while providing job training and employment opportunities for West Virginians with disabilities.



In West Virginia, 54% of residents are employed. In contrast, a mere eight percent of West Virginia residents with disabilities are employed. WorkAble Industries helps to bridge that gap by providing on-the-job support employment and off- site job search assistance, on-site employment and career building services.

Partnering with WorkAble industries to ship orders, The Glory Days Foundation is able to expand its positive impact upon the lives of people with disabilities.