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How to Make the Most of The Glory Days Launch!


Launch Day is tomorrow! We are so THRILLED that we have the opportunity to share The Glory Days Daily Planner with all of you. Some upcoming fun for launch week is on it’s way to you along with launch day tips.


Some Q&A! 

Q: Where can I order my Glory Days Daily Planner? 
A: You can purchase your planner via our website under our shop tab at the top of the homepage. 
Q: When will I be able to access the planner page on your website? 
A: We will launch on May 22nd at10 am ET 
Q: How many do you have available? 
A: We ordered a small number of planners. So quantities are limited! It’s best to jump on as soon as you can to snag one. 
Q: How much is the planner? 
A: Planners are $40 + shipping 
Q: What are the dates of the planner? 
A: Our planner runs from July-December. We are the same size (page count) as a traditional 12-month planner, due to our two therapy pages a week. Due to the extra paper required to design the planner specifically for special needs families it could only cover 6 months at a time. 
Q: Do second-time buyers get a discount?  
A: Yes! If you are a second-time buy (and shared your email) you will receive a discount code tonight! 
Q: How long until my planner ships?
A: We will be shipping planners as soon as you order! You will receive a shipping notification via e-mail if you’ve purchased a planner. You will 100% have your planner before July 1st if you order during our launch. 
Q: Will you offer discounts? 
A: At this time we have offered discounts to our launch team + second-time buyers. Be sure to watch our IG and Facebook account for giveaways + discount prizes in the coming weeks! 
Q: Are you willing to make donations?
Q: Why should I invest in The Glory Days Daily Planner?
A: Because it was uniquely designed for your specific parenting journey with love and great care :) 
Q: What are the features of The Glory Days Daily Planner? 


We have so many things coming your way this week! 



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