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Hi friends! We are SO EXCITED to continue to meet your organizational needs as you run your race with love and dedication! Here is a quick rundown of what's available, along with some tips for Launch Day.

Dateless Glory Days Daily Planner 
Therapy Tracking Booklet 
Medication Tracking Booklet 
Victory Pages 
Dreaming Journals



We make sure to have enough inventory to cover demand. The Glory Days Daily Planner inventory will not be restocked until 2023,  if you are hoping to get your hands on one I suggest you go for it now! 


Yes! Here is your Launch Day tip list:

  • Go to and check out our shop. Get familiar with what you are hoping to snag, so when the day comes you can get in and out with no hang ups! 

  • Be sure you're on our newsletter list. We send e-mails once a week with all the latest shop info and more.

  • On the night before new products are launched,  I will password protect the shop while I get things ready for the big day. If you visit during this time, you wont see any products listed. The site will be LIVE with all new products listed at 10am est on October 20th. 

  • Watch product overview videos on our IG here. Also, listen to others reviews of our products here.  

  • Shipping is a bit crazy right now. We will be processing orders as we receive them. You will have the option to pick your desired shipping methods. Media Mail will be your cheapest option, but it will also be your slowest. You will receive a tracking number as soon as your oder ships. 
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The Glory Days Daily Planner (( 6 month dateless daily planner )) 

Designed with the special needs, medical, or NICU mom in mind. Our pages are filled with space for your unique days. Hour by hour breakdowns, self-care check ins, meal planning, appointment reminders, and more can be found on our daily sheets. The heart of our planner is the therapy tracking pages. These pages support you as you work on home implementation of your child's prescribed therapy. They aid you in keeping a true account of their progress and challenges. The space helps keep you focused and motivated on the long term goals, while providing support to share with your child's team how they are doing. 

Therapy Booklets

The three-month booklets are your grab-and-go best friend. They provide a bit more space than our therapy tracking pages found in the planner. The design provides the opportunity to expand on your singular therapy goals crafting a lesson plan or activity focused approach as your child grows. These pages offer you space to get creative with your child’s daily learning keeping fun the focus. 

Medication Tracking 

Keeping track of supplement schedules, daily medication or special prescriptions for illness can become overwhelming. This three month booklet will help you keep track of dosing, times, and reactions to your child's specific medication protocol. It serves as an easy reference booklet for family or caretakers to reference during your time away. Our notes section helps you stay up to date on your child's reactions and mood while on medication or supplements. You can use each page daily, weekly or monthly. The medication booklet is designed to adapt to your specific needs. 

Victory Pages

Keeping things front and center. These stick pad pages are your quick reference guide to the big picture when it comes to therapy and learning. Each sheet offers you a week of planning space with a section to write out goals, themes and implementation processes. Stick it up on your refrigerator, in the front of a notebook or on the wall by your desk. Keeping your plans front and center will support you in staying on track. 

Dreaming Journal

Our dreaming journals are all about you. As a caretaker, it can often be hard to stay positive and future focused. Each month we have allowed for space for you to set a clear picture of how you want to feel. We can make choices to be at peace in chaos, but we must take intuitional action to achieve our core desired feelings. Our weekly pages break down these core desired feelings to help you see and define what can help you reach your direction. Intention setting is a powerful tool to refresh your mind and stir up hope in your heart, the dreaming journal was created to help you remember what you want for you and your family. 

 We can't wait for tomorrow. It's going to be such an impactful day! Supporting you, creating jobs and raising funds for the DSDN. I mean, how are we going to sleep! 

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