How We Support the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network


When the idea to create a planner for parents raising differently abled children came to me on that random November morning, it was more like someone saying, “Hey, you need to do this.” It wasn’t a creative desire if you get what I’m saying. I was still in the thick of coming to terms with all the changes that happened in my life after Aurora was born.

My confidence was low and my fight to pursue anything outside of her care was even lower. But, this was different. The planner was happening to me, not because of me. The doors opened wide and easily, which in all my creative endeavors prior has never been the story.

There were three things that were very loud in my heart as I progressed through the development process of The Glory Days Daily Planner.

1) When parents get news of their child’s diagnosis I desperately want to help them feel supported.

2) Supporting The DSDN was the big picture goal. I’m one person. I can make a small impact. The DSDN is doing all the things I wished someone would have done to protect my heart from our birth diagnosis experience. I want to support their efforts in any way possible. I applied for volunteer positions but didn’t hear back so when the planner came to me it was my avenue to serve. I pray this becomes a very impactful funding avenue for their efforts. As you can see in the video the group means so much to me.

At my core, I’m a dreamer. My heart was pretty hurt when dreams of our family's future felt ripped away in 2017. I had left my job. We had to fold on our plans to build a home and I didn’t know what the future held. God used the development of this planner to give me new dreams. Better dreams. Bigger more far-reaching dreams. I know anything can happen, but I’m choosing to claim it as good.

3) I have a dream this little idea will grow to provide jobs for Rory and her peers. I don’t know what that will look like or how to make it happen, but I also didn’t know how this little book was going to get here. One year later I’m sitting here with it in my hands.

I’m so honored to have you in this with me. The countless people who’ve given their time, words and ideas to this planner are those open doors I was talking about.

I cry with every order that comes in via our launch team right now. I’m going to be a mess, full of thanksgiving and humbled at Gods plan as I package your planner in the coming weeks. I know deep down this was about you long before you even knew anything about us. I love you sister. I pray you to feel equipped, supported and loved by our efforts. 


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